Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Stellaria
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Stellaria borealis
Stellaria borealis subsp. sitchana
Stellaria borealis var. bongardiana
Stellaria borealis var. floribunda
Stellaria borealis var. isophylla
Stellaria borealis var. simcoei
Stellaria borealis var. sitchana
Stellaria calycantha
Stellaria calycantha subsp. interior
Stellaria calycantha var. floribunda
Stellaria calycantha var. isophylla
Stellaria calycantha var. simcoei
Stellaria calycantha var. sitchana
Stellaria crispa
Stellaria friesiana
Stellaria gonomischa
Stellaria graminea
Stellaria jamesiana
Stellaria jamesii
Stellaria laeta
Stellaria lagunensis
Stellaria lanceolata
Stellaria littoralis
Stellaria longifolia
Stellaria longifolia var. longifolia
Stellaria longipes
Stellaria longipes var. altocaulis
Stellaria longipes var. laeta
Stellaria longipes var. longipes
Stellaria media
Stellaria media subsp. media
Stellaria media subsp. pallida
Stellaria monantha
Stellaria nitens
Stellaria obtusa
Stellaria pallida
Stellaria palustris var. bifida
Stellaria praecox
Stellaria simcoei
Stellaria sitchana
Stellaria sitchana var. bongardiana
Stellaria umbellata
Stellaria viridula
Stellaria washingtoniana
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