Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Rosa
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Rosa aldersonii
Rosa aschersonia
Rosa bidenticulata
Rosa blanda
Rosa bolanderi
Rosa brachycarpa
Rosa breweri
Rosa bridgesii
Rosa brownii
Rosa californica
Rosa californica var. chamissoniana
Rosa californica var. glabrata
Rosa californica var. glandulosa
Rosa californica var. petersiana
Rosa californica var. pubescens
Rosa californica var. ultramontana
Rosa calvaria
Rosa canina
Rosa caryocarpa
Rosa chrysocarpa
Rosa copelandi
Rosa copelandii
Rosa crenulata
Rosa davyi
Rosa dudleyi
Rosa eastwoodii
Rosa eglanteria
Rosa fraxinifolia
Rosa glaucodermis
Rosa granulata
Rosa gratissima
Rosa greenei
Rosa gymnocarpa
Rosa gymnocarpa var. gymnocarpa
Rosa gymnocarpa var. pinetorum
Rosa gymnocarpa var. pubescens
Rosa johnstonii
Rosa lyalliana
Rosa macdougali
Rosa macounii
Rosa minutifolia
Rosa mohavensis
Rosa multiflora
Rosa muriculata
Rosa myranthia
Rosa nutkana
Rosa nutkana subsp. macdougali
Rosa nutkana var. hispida
Rosa nutkana var. microcarpa
Rosa nutkana var. muriculata
Rosa nutkana var. nutkana
Rosa nutkana var. setosa
Rosa oligocarpa
Rosa pilifera
Rosa pinetorum
Rosa piscatoria
Rosa pisocarpa
Rosa pisocarpa var. gratissima
Rosa pisocarpa var. pisocarpa
Rosa pisocarpa var. rivalis
Rosa pringlei
Rosa prionota
Rosa puberulenta
Rosa pyrifera
Rosa rivalis
Rosa rubiginosa
Rosa salictorum
Rosa santa-crucis
Rosa serafinii
Rosa sonomensis
Rosa spithamea
Rosa spithamea var. sonomensis
Rosa spithamea var. spithamea
Rosa spithamea var. subinermis
Rosa ultramontana
Rosa woodsii
Rosa woodsii var. glabrata
Rosa woodsii var. gratissima
Rosa woodsii var. mohavensis
Rosa woodsii var. ultramontana
Rosa yainacensis
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