Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Phlox
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Phlox adsurgens
Phlox austromontana
Phlox austromontana subsp. austromontana
Phlox austromontana subsp. prostrata
Phlox azurea
Phlox bernardina
Phlox bryoides
Phlox caespitosa
Phlox caespitosa subsp. pulvinata
Phlox caespitosa var. condensata
Phlox caespitosa var. pulvinata
Phlox cespitosa var. condensata
Phlox condensata
Phlox covillei
Phlox dejecta
Phlox diffusa
Phlox diffusa subsp. diffusa
Phlox diffusa subsp. subcarinata
Phlox dispersa
Phlox divericata var. occidentalis
Phlox dolichantha
Phlox dolichantha var. bernardina
Phlox douglasii
Phlox douglasii subsp. rigida
Phlox douglasii var. austromontana
Phlox douglasii var. caespitosa
Phlox douglasii var. canescens
Phlox douglasii var. covillei
Phlox douglasii var. modocensis
Phlox gracilis
Phlox gracilis subsp. gracilis
Phlox gracilis subsp. humilis
Phlox hirsuta
Phlox hoodii
Phlox hoodii subsp. canescens
Phlox hoodii subsp. lanata
Phlox hoodii subsp. muscoides
Phlox hookeri
Phlox longifolia
Phlox longifolia subsp. brevifolia
Phlox longifolia subsp. longifolia
Phlox longifolia var. puberula
Phlox muscoides
Phlox occidentalis
Phlox pulvinata
Phlox rhizomata
Phlox rigida
Phlox speciosa
Phlox speciosa subsp. euspeciosa var. latifolia
Phlox speciosa subsp. nitida
Phlox speciosa subsp. occidentalis
Phlox speciosa var. latifolia
Phlox speciosa var. nitida
Phlox stansburyi
Phlox stansburyi subsp. stansburyi
Phlox stansburyi subsp. superba
Phlox stansburyi var. brevifolia
Phlox stansburyi var. hirsuta
Phlox stansburyi var. stansburyi
Phlox superba
Phlox viridis
Phlox viridis subsp. compacta
Phlox viridis subsp. longipes
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