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Names in Penstemon
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Penstemon affinis
Penstemon albomarginatus
Penstemon anguineus
Penstemon antirrhinoides
Penstemon antirrhinoides subsp. antirrhinoides
Penstemon antirrhinoides subsp. microphyllus
Penstemon austinii
Penstemon azureus
Penstemon azureus subsp. angustissimus
Penstemon azureus subsp. azureus
Penstemon azureus var. angustissimus
Penstemon azureus var. azureus
Penstemon barnebyi
Penstemon bicolor
Penstemon bicolor subsp. roseus
Penstemon breviflorus
Penstemon breviflorus subsp. breviflorus
Penstemon breviflorus subsp. glabrisepala
Penstemon breviflorus subsp. glabrisepalus
Penstemon bridgesii
Penstemon bridgesii var. bridgesii
Penstemon bryantae
Penstemon bryantiae
Penstemon caesius
Penstemon calcareus
Penstemon californicus
Penstemon centranthifolius
Penstemon cinereus
Penstemon cinicola
Penstemon clevelandii
Penstemon clevelandii subsp. clevelandii
Penstemon clevelandii subsp. connatus
Penstemon clevelandii subsp. mohavensis
Penstemon clevelandii var. clevelandii
Penstemon clevelandii var. connatus
Penstemon clevelandii var. mohavensis
Penstemon confertus var. caeruleo-purpureus
Penstemon confusus
Penstemon confusus subsp. patens
Penstemon confusus var. patens
Penstemon cordifolius
Penstemon corymbosus
Penstemon corymbosus var. puberulentus
Penstemon davidsonii
Penstemon davidsonii var. davidsonii
Penstemon deustus
Penstemon deustus subsp. deustus
Penstemon deustus subsp. heterander
Penstemon deustus subsp. savagei
Penstemon deustus subsp. sudans
Penstemon deustus var. deustus
Penstemon deustus var. pedicellatus
Penstemon deustus var. suffrutescens
Penstemon divergens
Penstemon eatonii
Penstemon eatonii subsp. eatonii
Penstemon eatonii subsp. undosus
Penstemon eatonii var. eatonii
Penstemon eatonii var. undosus
Penstemon filiformis
Penstemon floridus
Penstemon floridus subsp. austinii
Penstemon floridus subsp. floridus
Penstemon floridus var. austinii
Penstemon floridus var. floridus
Penstemon fruticiformis
Penstemon fruticiformis subsp. amargosae
Penstemon fruticiformis subsp. fruticiformis
Penstemon fruticiformis var. amargosae
Penstemon fruticiformis var. fruticiformis
Penstemon fruticiformis var. spiciformis
Penstemon gracilentus
Penstemon gracilentus var. ursorum
Penstemon grinnellii
Penstemon grinnellii subsp. grinnellii
Penstemon grinnellii subsp. scrophularioides
Penstemon grinnellii var. grinnellii
Penstemon grinnellii var. scrophularioides
Penstemon heterodoxus
Penstemon heterodoxus subsp. cephalophorus
Penstemon heterodoxus subsp. heterodoxus
Penstemon heterodoxus var. cephalophorus
Penstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxus
Penstemon heterodoxus var. shastensis
Penstemon heterophyllus
Penstemon heterophyllus subsp. australis
Penstemon heterophyllus subsp. heterophyllus
Penstemon heterophyllus subsp. purdyi
Penstemon heterophyllus var. australis
Penstemon heterophyllus var. heterophyllus
Penstemon heterophyllus var. purdyi
Penstemon hians
Penstemon humilis
Penstemon humilis subsp. humilis
Penstemon humilis var. humilis
Penstemon incertus
Penstemon jacintensis
Penstemon janishiae
Penstemon labrosus
Penstemon laetus
Penstemon laetus subsp. laetus
Penstemon laetus subsp. leptosepalus
Penstemon laetus subsp. roezlii
Penstemon laetus subsp. sagittatus
Penstemon laetus var. laetus
Penstemon laetus var. leptosepalus
Penstemon laetus var. sagittatus
Penstemon lemmonii
Penstemon linarioides var. californicus
Penstemon menziesii subsp. davidsonii
Penstemon miser
Penstemon monoensis
Penstemon nemorosus
Penstemon neotericus
Penstemon newberryi
Penstemon newberryi subsp. berryi
Penstemon newberryi subsp. newberryi
Penstemon newberryi subsp. sonomensis
Penstemon newberryi var. berryi
Penstemon newberryi var. newberryi
Penstemon newberryi var. sonomensis
Penstemon oreocharis
Penstemon pahutensis
Penstemon palmeri
Penstemon palmeri var. palmeri
Penstemon papillatus
Penstemon parishii
Penstemon parvulus
Penstemon patens
Penstemon personatus
Penstemon piliferus
Penstemon procerus
Penstemon procerus subsp. brachyanthus
Penstemon procerus subsp. formosus
Penstemon procerus var. brachyanthus
Penstemon procerus var. formosus
Penstemon pseudospectabilis
Penstemon pseudospectabilis subsp. pseudospectabilis
Penstemon puberulus
Penstemon purpusii
Penstemon rattanii
Penstemon rattanii subsp. kleei
Penstemon rattanii subsp. rattanii
Penstemon rattanii var. kleei
Penstemon rattanii var. rattanii
Penstemon recurvatus
Penstemon roezlii
Penstemon rostriflorus
Penstemon rothrockii
Penstemon rothrockii subsp. jacintensis
Penstemon rothrockii subsp. rothrockii
Penstemon rupicola
Penstemon rydbergii
Penstemon rydbergii var. oreocharis
Penstemon scapoides
Penstemon scrophularioides
Penstemon shastensis
Penstemon speciosus
Penstemon speciosus subsp. kennedyi
Penstemon speciosus subsp. speciosus
Penstemon spectabilis
Penstemon spectabilis subsp. spectabilis
Penstemon spectabilis subsp. subviscosus
Penstemon spectabilis var. gilmanii
Penstemon spectabilis var. spectabilis
Penstemon spectabilis var. subviscosus
Penstemon stephensii
Penstemon strictus
Penstemon subglaber
Penstemon sudans
Penstemon ternatus
Penstemon ternatus subsp. septentrionalis
Penstemon ternatus subsp. ternatus
Penstemon thompsoniae
Penstemon thompsoniae subsp. thompsoniae
Penstemon thurberi
Penstemon tinctus
Penstemon tracyi
Penstemon utahensis
Penstemon venustus
Penstemon dubius
Penstemon parishii
Penstemon peirsonii
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