Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Microseris
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Microseris acuminata
Microseris aliciae
Microseris alpestris
Microseris aphantocarpha
Microseris aphantocarpha var. elegans
Microseris aphantocarpha var. indivisa
Microseris aphantocarpha var. mariposana
Microseris aphantocarpha var. palealis
Microseris aphantocarpha var. tenella
Microseris atrata
Microseris attenuata
Microseris bigelovii
Microseris bolanderi
Microseris borealis
Microseris breviseta
Microseris callicarpa
Microseris campestris
Microseris castanea
Microseris cognata
Microseris conjugens
Microseris cyclocarpha
Microseris cyclocarpha var. eriocarpha
Microseris decipiens
Microseris douglasii
Microseris douglasii subsp. douglasii
Microseris douglasii subsp. platycarpha
Microseris douglasii subsp. tenella
Microseris douglasii var. platycarpha
Microseris douglasii var. tenella
Microseris elegans
Microseris furferacea
Microseris heterocarpa
Microseris howellii
Microseris indivisa
Microseris insignis
Microseris intermedia
Microseris laciniata
Microseris laciniata subsp. detlingii
Microseris laciniata subsp. laciniata
Microseris laciniata subsp. leptosepala
Microseris laciniata subsp. siskiyouensis
Microseris laciniata var. procera
Microseris laciniata var. siskiyouensis
Microseris leiosperma
Microseris leptosepala
Microseris leucocarpha
Microseris lindleyi
Microseris lindleyi var. clevelandii
Microseris linearifolia
Microseris major
Microseris major var. laciniata
Microseris maritima
Microseris melanocarpha
Microseris montana
Microseris nutans
Microseris nutans var. major
Microseris obtusata
Microseris paludosa
Microseris parishii
Microseris parryi
Microseris parvula
Microseris picta
Microseris platycarpha
Microseris platycarpha var. parishii
Microseris procera
Microseris proxima
Microseris pulchella
Microseris stenocarpha
Microseris sylvatica
Microseris sylvatica var. stillmanii
Microseris tenella
Microseris tenella var. aphantocarpha
Microseris tenuisecta
Microseris troximoides
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