Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Lilium
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Lilium bakeri
Lilium bloomerianum
Lilium bloomerianum var. ocellatum
Lilium bolanderi
Lilium californicum
Lilium canadense var. humboldtii
Lilium canadense var. minus
Lilium canadense var. parviflorum
Lilium canadense var. parvum
Lilium canadense var. puberulum
Lilium canadense var. walkeri
Lilium columbianum
Lilium fairchildii
Lilium fresnense
Lilium harrisianum
Lilium howellii
Lilium humboldtii
Lilium humboldtii subsp. humboldtii
Lilium humboldtii subsp. ocellatum
Lilium humboldtii var. bloomerianum
Lilium humboldtii var. humboldtii
Lilium humboldtii var. magnificum
Lilium humboldtii var. ocellatum
Lilium inyoense
Lilium kelleyanum
Lilium kelloggii
Lilium lucidum
Lilium maritimum
Lilium nevadense
Lilium nevadense var. fresnense
Lilium nevadense var. monense
Lilium nevadense var. shastense
Lilium occidentale
Lilium ocellatum
Lilium ocellatum subsp. bloomerianum
Lilium pardalinum
Lilium pardalinum subsp. pardalinum
Lilium pardalinum subsp. pitkinense
Lilium pardalinum subsp. shastense
Lilium pardalinum subsp. vollmeri
Lilium pardalinum subsp. wigginsii
Lilium pardalinum var. angustifolium
Lilium pardalinum var. nevadense
Lilium pardalinum var. palladifolium
Lilium pardalinum var. parviflorum
Lilium parryi
Lilium parryi var. kessleri
Lilium parryi var. parryi
Lilium parviflorum
Lilium parvum
Lilium parvum var. luteum
Lilium pitkinense
Lilium pudicum
Lilium purdyi
Lilium roezlii
Lilium rubescens
Lilium shastense
Lilium vollmeri
Lilium warei
Lilium washingtonianum
Lilium washingtonianum subsp. purpurascens
Lilium washingtonianum subsp. washingtonianum
Lilium washingtonianum var. minus
Lilium washingtonianum var. purpurascens
Lilium washingtonianum var. purpureum
Lilium washingtonianum var. washingtonianum
Lilium wigginsii
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