Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Hosackia
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Hosackia americana
Hosackia anrhylloides
Hosackia argentea
Hosackia argophylla
Hosackia argophylla var. decora
Hosackia argophylla var. fremontii
Hosackia argophyllus var. decora
Hosackia argophyllus var. decorus
Hosackia argyraea
Hosackia balsimifera
Hosackia bicolor
Hosackia brachycarpa
Hosackia crassifolia
Hosackia cuprea
Hosackia cystoides
Hosackia cytisoides
Hosackia cytisoides var. rubescens
Hosackia decumbens
Hosackia decumbens var. glabriuscula
Hosackia decumbens var. nevadensis
Hosackia dendroidea
Hosackia denticulata
Hosackia disticha
Hosackia elata
Hosackia elata var. glabra
Hosackia floribunda
Hosackia fremontii
Hosackia glabra
Hosackia glabra subsp. brevialata
Hosackia gracilis
Hosackia grandiflora
Hosackia grandiflora var. anthylloides
Hosackia haydonii
Hosackia heermannii
Hosackia humilis
Hosackia incana
Hosackia juncea
Hosackia lathyroides
Hosackia leucophaea
Hosackia macrantha
Hosackia macrophylla
Hosackia maritima
Hosackia micrantha
Hosackia microphylla
Hosackia mollis
Hosackia nevadensis
Hosackia nivea
Hosackia nudiflora
Hosackia oblongifolia
Hosackia oblongifolia var. angustifolia
Hosackia ochroleuca
Hosackia ornithopa
Hosackia ornithopus
Hosackia parviflora
Hosackia pilosa
Hosackia pinnata
Hosackia platycarpa
Hosackia procumbens
Hosackia prostrata
Hosackia purshiana
Hosackia rigida
Hosackia rosea
Hosackia rubella
Hosackia scoparia
Hosackia scoparia var. diffusa
Hosackia sericea
Hosackia sericea subsp. jepsonii
Hosackia stipularis
Hosackia stipularis subsp. balsamifera
Hosackia stolonifera
Hosackia stolonifera var. pubescens
Hosackia strigosa
Hosackia strigosa var. hirtella
Hosackia subpinnata
Hosackia sulphurea
Hosackia tomentella
Hosackia tomentosa
Hosackia tomentosa var. glabriuscula
Hosackia torreyi
Hosackia torreyi var. nevadensis
Hosackia torreyi var. seorsis
Hosackia unifoliata
Hosackia veatchii
Hosackia venusta
Hosackia wrangeliana
Hosackia wrightii
Hosackia wrightii subsp. multicaulis
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