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Names in Horkelia
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Horkelia argyrocoma
Horkelia baileyi
Horkelia beneolens
Horkelia bernardina
Horkelia bolanderi
Horkelia bolanderi subsp. clevelandii
Horkelia bolanderi subsp. parryi
Horkelia bolanderi subsp. typica
Horkelia bolanderi var. bolanderi
Horkelia bolanderi var. marinensis
Horkelia bolanderi var. parryi
Horkelia brownii
Horkelia californica
Horkelia californica subsp. californica
Horkelia californica subsp. dissita
Horkelia californica subsp. frondosa
Horkelia californica var. cuneata
Horkelia californica var. paucifoliata
Horkelia californica var. sericea
Horkelia campestris
Horkelia capitata
Horkelia caruifolia
Horkelia chaetophora
Horkelia chandleri
Horkelia clevelandii
Horkelia congdonis
Horkelia congesta
Horkelia congesta subsp. nemorosa
Horkelia congesta var. tenuiloba
Horkelia cuneata
Horkelia cuneata subsp. cuneata
Horkelia cuneata subsp. puberula
Horkelia cuneata subsp. sericea
Horkelia daucifolia
Horkelia daucifolia subsp. daucifolia
Horkelia daucifolia subsp. latior
Horkelia douglasia
Horkelia elata
Horkelia flavescens
Horkelia frondosa
Horkelia fusca
Horkelia fusca subsp. capitata
Horkelia fusca subsp. parviflora
Horkelia fusca subsp. pseudocapitata
Horkelia fusca subsp. tenella
Horkelia fusca var. tenella
Horkelia fusca var. tenuiloba
Horkelia glandulosa
Horkelia gordonii
Horkelia gordonii var. alpicola
Horkelia gordonii var. gordonii
Horkelia gordonii var. megalopetala
Horkelia gordonii var. scandularis
Horkelia grandis
Horkelia hendersonii
Horkelia hirsuta
Horkelia hispidula
Horkelia howellii
Horkelia integrifolia
Horkelia kelloggii
Horkelia kingii
Horkelia laxiflora
Horkelia lycopodioides
Horkelia marinensis
Horkelia micheneri
Horkelia mollis
Horkelia muirii
Horkelia myriophylla
Horkelia parryi
Horkelia parviflora
Horkelia pickeringii
Horkelia pilosa
Horkelia pinetorum
Horkelia platycalyx
Horkelia platypetala
Horkelia pseudocapitata
Horkelia puberula
Horkelia pulchra
Horkelia purpurascens
Horkelia purpurascens var. pinetorum
Horkelia pygmaea
Horkelia rydbergii
Horkelia saxosa
Horkelia scandularis
Horkelia sericata
Horkelia sericea
Horkelia sericoleuca
Horkelia shockleyi
Horkelia tenella
Horkelia tenuiloba
Horkelia tenuisecta
Horkelia tilingii
Horkelia tridentata
Horkelia tridentata subsp. flavescens
Horkelia tridentata subsp. tridentata
Horkelia truncata
Horkelia tularensis
Horkelia unguiculata
Horkelia webberi
Horkelia wilderae
Horkelia yadonii
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