Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Fritillaria
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Fritillaria affinis
Fritillaria affinis var. affinis
Fritillaria affinis var. tristulis
Fritillaria agrestis
Fritillaria atropurpurea
Fritillaria atropurpurea var. falcata
Fritillaria atropurpurea var. pinetorum
Fritillaria biflora
Fritillaria biflora var. agrestis
Fritillaria biflora var. biflora
Fritillaria biflora var. ineziana
Fritillaria biflora var. inflexa
Fritillaria brandegeei
Fritillaria brandegei
Fritillaria coccinea
Fritillaria dichroa
Fritillaria eastwoodiae
Fritillaria eximia
Fritillaria falcata
Fritillaria gentneri
Fritillaria glauca
Fritillaria gracillima
Fritillaria grayana
Fritillaria lanceolata
Fritillaria lanceolata var. floribunda
Fritillaria lanceolata var. gracilis
Fritillaria lanceolata var. lanceolata
Fritillaria lanceolata var. tristulis
Fritillaria leucella
Fritillaria liliacea
Fritillaria micrantha
Fritillaria multiflora
Fritillaria multiscapoidea
Fritillaria mutica
Fritillaria mutica var. gracilis
Fritillaria ojaiensis
Fritillaria oregonensis
Fritillaria oreodoxa
Fritillaria parviflora
Fritillaria phaeanthera
Fritillaria pinetorum
Fritillaria pluriflora
Fritillaria pudica
Fritillaria purdyi
Fritillaria recurva
Fritillaria recurva var. coccinea
Fritillaria roderickii
Fritillaria striata
Fritillaria succulenta
Fritillaria utahensis
Fritillaria viridea
Fritillaria washingtoniensis
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