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Names in Dudleya
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Dudleya abramsii
Dudleya abramsii subsp. abramsii
Dudleya abramsii subsp. affinis
Dudleya abramsii subsp. bettinae
Dudleya abramsii subsp. calcicola
Dudleya abramsii subsp. murina
Dudleya abramsii subsp. parva
Dudleya alainae
Dudleya aloides
Dudleya angustiflora
Dudleya arizonica
Dudleya attenuata
Dudleya attenuata subsp. orcuttii
Dudleya bernardina
Dudleya bettinae
Dudleya blochmanae
Dudleya blochmanae subsp. blochmanae
Dudleya blochmanae subsp. brevifolia
Dudleya blochmanae subsp. insularis
Dudleya blochmaniae
Dudleya blochmaniae subsp. blochmaniae
Dudleya blochmaniae subsp. brevifolia
Dudleya blochmaniae subsp. insularis
Dudleya brauntonii
Dudleya brevifolia
Dudleya caespitosa
Dudleya caespitosa var. paniculata
Dudleya calcicola
Dudleya candelabrum
Dudleya compacta
Dudleya congesta
Dudleya cotyledon
Dudleya cymosa
Dudleya cymosa subsp. agourensis
Dudleya cymosa subsp. costafolia
Dudleya cymosa subsp. crebrifolia
Dudleya cymosa subsp. cymosa
Dudleya cymosa subsp. gigantea
Dudleya cymosa subsp. marcescens
Dudleya cymosa subsp. minor
Dudleya cymosa subsp. ovatifolia
Dudleya cymosa subsp. paniculata
Dudleya cymosa subsp. pumila
Dudleya cymosa subsp. setchellii
Dudleya cymosa var. cymosa
Dudleya delicata
Dudleya densiflora
Dudleya eastwoodiae
Dudleya edulis
Dudleya elongata
Dudleya farinosa
Dudleya farinose
Dudleya gnoma
Dudleya goldmanii
Dudleya grandiflora
Dudleya greenei
Dudleya greenei f. nana
Dudleya hallii
Dudleya hassei
Dudleya helleri
Dudleya humilis
Dudleya lanceolata
Dudleya laxa
Dudleya lingual
Dudleya lurida
Dudleya minor
Dudleya multicaulis
Dudleya nesiotica
Dudleya nevadensis
Dudleya ovatifolia
Dudleya palmeri
Dudleya paniculata
Dudleya parishii
Dudleya parva
Dudleya plattiana
Dudleya pulverulenta
Dudleya pulverulenta subsp. arizonica
Dudleya pulverulenta subsp. pulverulenta
Dudleya pumila
Dudleya purpusii
Dudleya reflexa
Dudleya saxosa
Dudleya saxosa subsp. aloides
Dudleya saxosa subsp. saxosa
Dudleya septentrionalis
Dudleya setchellii
Dudleya sheldonii
Dudleya stolonifera
Dudleya traskae
Dudleya traskiae
Dudleya variegata
Dudleya verityi
Dudleya virens
Dudleya virens subsp. hassei
Dudleya virens subsp. insularis
Dudleya virens subsp. virens
Dudleya viscida
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