Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Drymocallis
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Drymocallis amplifolia
Drymocallis ashlandica
Drymocallis cuneifolia
Drymocallis glandulosa
Drymocallis glandulosa var. incisa
Drymocallis glandulosa var. monticola
Drymocallis gracilis
Drymocallis hansenii
Drymocallis incisa
Drymocallis lactea
Drymocallis lacteal
Drymocallis laxiflora
Drymocallis monticola
Drymocallis oregana
Drymocallis pseudorupestris
Drymocallis pumila
Drymocallis reflexa
Drymocallis rhomboidea
Drymocallis viscida
Drymocallis wrangeliana
Drymocallis wrangelliana
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