Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Dodecatheon
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Dodecatheon alpinum
Dodecatheon alpinum f. nanum
Dodecatheon alpinum subsp. alpinum
Dodecatheon alpinum subsp. majus
Dodecatheon clevelandii
Dodecatheon clevelandii subsp. clevelandii
Dodecatheon clevelandii subsp. insulare
Dodecatheon clevelandii subsp. patulum
Dodecatheon clevelandii subsp. sanctarum
Dodecatheon conjugens
Dodecatheon conjugens subsp. conjugens
Dodecatheon cruciatum
Dodecatheon cusickii var. yosemitanum
Dodecatheon cusikii
Dodecatheon cusikii var. yosemitanum
Dodecatheon ellipticum
Dodecatheon glastifolium
Dodecatheon hansenii
Dodecatheon hendersonii
Dodecatheon hendersonii subsp. cruciatum
Dodecatheon hendersonii subsp. hansenii
Dodecatheon hendersonii subsp. hendersonii
Dodecatheon hendersonii subsp. parvifolium
Dodecatheon hendersonii var. bernalianum
Dodecatheon hendersonii var. cruciatum
Dodecatheon hendersonii var. hansenii
Dodecatheon hendersonii var. yosemitanum
Dodecatheon jeffreyi
Dodecatheon jeffreyi f. nanum
Dodecatheon jeffreyi f. pygmaeum
Dodecatheon jeffreyi subsp. jeffreyi
Dodecatheon jeffreyi subsp. pygmaeum
Dodecatheon jeffreyi var. alpinum
Dodecatheon jeffreyi var. odoratum
Dodecatheon jeffreyi var. redolens
Dodecatheon jeffreyi var. tetrandrum
Dodecatheon laetiflorum
Dodecatheon meadia var. alpinum
Dodecatheon meadia var. brevifolium
Dodecatheon meadia var. hendersonii
Dodecatheon meadia var. lancifolium
Dodecatheon patulum
Dodecatheon patulum var. bernalianum
Dodecatheon patulum var. gracile
Dodecatheon patulum var. laetiflorum
Dodecatheon pauciflorum
Dodecatheon pulchellum
Dodecatheon pulchellum subsp. monanthum
Dodecatheon pulchellum subsp. pulchellum
Dodecatheon redolens
Dodecatheon sanctarum
Dodecatheon subalpinum
Dodecatheon tetrandrum
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