Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Cryptantha
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Cryptantha abortiva
Cryptantha abramsii
Cryptantha affinis
Cryptantha alpicola
Cryptantha ambigua
Cryptantha ambigua f. simulans
Cryptantha ambigua var. echinella
Cryptantha ambigua var. robustior
Cryptantha andina
Cryptantha angustifolia
Cryptantha arenicola
Cryptantha barbigera
Cryptantha barbigera var. fergusonae
Cryptantha barbigera var. fergusoniae
Cryptantha barbigera var. inops
Cryptantha brandegei
Cryptantha calycosa
Cryptantha cinerea
Cryptantha cinerea var. abortiva
Cryptantha circumscissa
Cryptantha circumscissa subsp. rosulata
Cryptantha circumscissa var. circumscissa
Cryptantha circumscissa var. hispida
Cryptantha circumscissa var. rosulata
Cryptantha cirsumscissa var. genuina
Cryptantha clemensae
Cryptantha clemensiae
Cryptantha clevelandi var. dissita
Cryptantha clevelandii
Cryptantha clevelandii var. clevelandii
Cryptantha clevelandii var. dissita
Cryptantha clevelandii var. florosa
Cryptantha clevelandii var. hispidissima
Cryptantha clokeyi
Cryptantha confertiflora
Cryptantha corollata
Cryptantha corollata var. rattanii
Cryptantha costata
Cryptantha crinita
Cryptantha crymophila
Cryptantha cycloptera
Cryptantha decipiens
Cryptantha decipiens var. corollata
Cryptantha densiflora
Cryptantha denticulata
Cryptantha dissita
Cryptantha dumetorum
Cryptantha echinella
Cryptantha excavata
Cryptantha fallax
Cryptantha fergusonae
Cryptantha flaccida
Cryptantha flaccida var. major
Cryptantha flaccida var. minor
Cryptantha flavoculata
Cryptantha fragilis
Cryptantha ganderi
Cryptantha geminata
Cryptantha glomeriflora
Cryptantha gracilis
Cryptantha gracilis var. hillmanii
Cryptantha grisea
Cryptantha hansenii
Cryptantha hansenii var. pulchella
Cryptantha hendersonii
Cryptantha hispidissima
Cryptantha hispidula
Cryptantha hispidula var. abramsii
Cryptantha hoffmannii
Cryptantha holoptera
Cryptantha hooveri
Cryptantha horridula
Cryptantha howellii
Cryptantha humilis
Cryptantha humilis var. humilis
Cryptantha inaequata
Cryptantha incana
Cryptantha intermedia
Cryptantha intermedia var. dumetorum
Cryptantha intermedia var. hendersonii
Cryptantha intermedia var. intermedia
Cryptantha intermedia var. johnstonii
Cryptantha intermedia var. rigida
Cryptantha jamesii var. abortiva
Cryptantha jonesii
Cryptantha leiocarpa
Cryptantha leiocarpa var. eremocaryoides
Cryptantha leiocarpa var. hispidissima
Cryptantha leptophylla
Cryptantha leucophaea
Cryptantha lyallii
Cryptantha mariposae
Cryptantha maritima
Cryptantha maritima var. maritima
Cryptantha maritima var. pilosa
Cryptantha micrantha
Cryptantha micrantha subsp. lepida
Cryptantha micrantha subsp. micrantha
Cryptantha micrantha var. lepida
Cryptantha micrantha var. micrantha
Cryptantha micromeres
Cryptantha microstachys
Cryptantha milobakeri
Cryptantha mohavensis
Cryptantha multicaule
Cryptantha multicaulis
Cryptantha muricata
Cryptantha muricata var. clokeyi
Cryptantha muricata var. denticulata
Cryptantha muricata var. jonesii
Cryptantha muricata var. muricata
Cryptantha muriculata
Cryptantha muriculata var. montana
Cryptantha muriculata var. vitrea
Cryptantha nemaclada
Cryptantha nevadensis
Cryptantha nevadensis var. nevadensis
Cryptantha nevadensis var. rigida
Cryptantha nubigena
Cryptantha oxygona
Cryptantha polycarpa
Cryptantha pterocarya
Cryptantha pterocarya var. cycloptera
Cryptantha pterocarya var. pterocarya
Cryptantha pterocarya var. purpusii
Cryptantha pumila
Cryptantha racemosa
Cryptantha racemosa var. lignosa
Cryptantha ramosissima
Cryptantha rattani
Cryptantha rattanii
Cryptantha recurvata
Cryptantha roosiorum
Cryptantha rostellata
Cryptantha rostellata var. rostellata
Cryptantha rostellata var. spithamea
Cryptantha saxorum
Cryptantha schoolcraftii
Cryptantha scoparia
Cryptantha seorsa
Cryptantha similis
Cryptantha simulans
Cryptantha sobolifera
Cryptantha sparsiflora
Cryptantha spiculifera
Cryptantha spithamaea
Cryptantha spithamea
Cryptantha stuebelii
Cryptantha submollis
Cryptantha subretusa
Cryptantha suffruticosa
Cryptantha torreyana
Cryptantha torreyana var. calistogae
Cryptantha torreyana var. capitata
Cryptantha torreyana var. incana
Cryptantha torreyana var. pumila
Cryptantha torreyana var. scrutata
Cryptantha torreyana var. traskae
Cryptantha torreyi
Cryptantha traskae
Cryptantha traskiae
Cryptantha trifurca
Cryptantha tumulosa
Cryptantha utahensis
Cryptantha virginensis
Cryptantha vitrea
Cryptantha watsonii
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