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Names in Clarkia
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Clarkia affinis
Clarkia amoena
Clarkia amoena f. concolor
Clarkia amoena f. lindleyi
Clarkia amoena subsp. amoena
Clarkia amoena subsp. huntiana
Clarkia amoena subsp. lindleyi
Clarkia amoena subsp. whitneyi
Clarkia arcuata
Clarkia australis
Clarkia biloba
Clarkia biloba subsp. australis
Clarkia biloba subsp. biloba
Clarkia biloba subsp. brandegeae
Clarkia biloba subsp. brandegeeae
Clarkia borealis
Clarkia borealis subsp. arida
Clarkia borealis subsp. borealis
Clarkia bottae
Clarkia breweri
Clarkia calientensis
Clarkia concinna
Clarkia concinna subsp. automixa
Clarkia concinna subsp. concinna
Clarkia concinna subsp. raichei
Clarkia cylindrica
Clarkia cylindrica subsp. clavicarpa
Clarkia cylindrica subsp. cylindrica
Clarkia davyi
Clarkia deflexa
Clarkia delicata
Clarkia dudleyana
Clarkia eiseniana
Clarkia elegans
Clarkia epilobioides
Clarkia exilis
Clarkia franciscana
Clarkia gauroides
Clarkia gracilis
Clarkia gracilis subsp. albicaulis
Clarkia gracilis subsp. gracilis
Clarkia gracilis subsp. sonomensis
Clarkia gracilis subsp. tracyi
Clarkia grandiflora
Clarkia guaroides
Clarkia heterandra
Clarkia imbricata
Clarkia jolonensis
Clarkia lassenensis
Clarkia lewisii
Clarkia lingulata
Clarkia mildrediae
Clarkia mildrediae subsp. lutescens
Clarkia mildrediae subsp. mildrediae
Clarkia modesta
Clarkia mosquinii
Clarkia mosquinii subsp. mosquinii
Clarkia mosquinii subsp. xerophila
Clarkia nitens
Clarkia parviflora
Clarkia prostrata
Clarkia pulchella
Clarkia purpurea
Clarkia purpurea subsp. purpurea
Clarkia purpurea subsp. quadrivulnera
Clarkia purpurea subsp. viminea
Clarkia purpurea var. arnottii
Clarkia purpurea var. hirsuta
Clarkia quadrivulnera
Clarkia rhomboidea
Clarkia rhomboidea var. virgata
Clarkia rostrata
Clarkia rubicunda
Clarkia rubicunda subsp. blasdalei
Clarkia rubicunda subsp. rubicunda
Clarkia saxeana
Clarkia similis
Clarkia speciosa
Clarkia speciosa subsp. immaculata
Clarkia speciosa subsp. nitens
Clarkia speciosa subsp. polyantha
Clarkia speciosa subsp. speciosa
Clarkia springvillensis
Clarkia stellata
Clarkia tembloriensis
Clarkia tembloriensis subsp. calientensis
Clarkia tembloriensis subsp. tembloriensis
Clarkia unguiculata
Clarkia viminea
Clarkia virgata
Clarkia whitneyi
Clarkia williamsonii
Clarkia williamsonii f. incerta
Clarkia williamsonii f. williamsonii
Clarkia xantiana
Clarkia xantiana subsp. parviflora
Clarkia xantiana subsp. xantiana
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