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Names in Castilleja
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Castilleja adenophora
Castilleja affinis
Castilleja affinis subsp. affinis
Castilleja affinis subsp. insularis
Castilleja affinis subsp. litoralis
Castilleja affinis subsp. neglecta
Castilleja affinis var. affinis
Castilleja affinis var. contentiosa
Castilleja ambigua
Castilleja ambigua subsp. ambigua
Castilleja ambigua subsp. humboldtiensis
Castilleja ambigua subsp. insalutata
Castilleja angustifolia
Castilleja applegatei
Castilleja applegatei subsp. applegatei
Castilleja applegatei subsp. disticha
Castilleja applegatei subsp. martinii
Castilleja applegatei subsp. pallida
Castilleja applegatei subsp. pinetorum
Castilleja applegatei var. fragilis
Castilleja applegatei var. pinetorum
Castilleja arachnoidea
Castilleja arachnoidea subsp. schizotricha
Castilleja arachnoidea subsp. shastensis
Castilleja attenuata
Castilleja brevilobata
Castilleja brevistyla
Castilleja breweri
Castilleja breweri var. pallida
Castilleja brooksii
Castilleja campestris
Castilleja campestris subsp. campestris
Castilleja campestris subsp. succulenta
Castilleja chromosa
Castilleja chrymactis
Castilleja cinerea
Castilleja clementis
Castilleja clokeyi
Castilleja culbertsonii
Castilleja densiflora
Castilleja densiflora subsp. densiflora
Castilleja densiflora subsp. gracilis
Castilleja densiflora subsp. obispoensis
Castilleja disticha
Castilleja dolichostylis
Castilleja douglasii
Castilleja elata
Castilleja excelsa
Castilleja exilis
Castilleja exserta
Castilleja exserta subsp. exserta
Castilleja exserta subsp. latifolia
Castilleja exserta subsp. venusta
Castilleja foliolosa
Castilleja fragilis
Castilleja franciscana
Castilleja fruticosa
Castilleja gleasonii
Castilleja grisea
Castilleja gyroloba
Castilleja hispida
Castilleja hispida subsp. brevilobata
Castilleja hoffmannii
Castilleja hololeuca
Castilleja hololeuca subsp. grisea
Castilleja inflata
Castilleja jepsonii
Castilleja lacera
Castilleja lanata
Castilleja lanata subsp. hololeuca
Castilleja lasiorhyncha
Castilleja latifolia
Castilleja latifolia subsp. mendocinensis
Castilleja latifoliata
Castilleja lemmonii
Castilleja leschkeana
Castilleja linariaefolia
Castilleja linariifolia
Castilleja lineariloba
Castilleja litoralis
Castilleja longispica
Castilleja martinii
Castilleja martinii subsp. ewanii
Castilleja martinii var. clokeyi
Castilleja martinii var. ewanii
Castilleja martinii var. martinii
Castilleja mendocinensis
Castilleja miniata
Castilleja miniata subsp. elata
Castilleja miniata subsp. miniata
Castilleja minor
Castilleja minor subsp. minor
Castilleja minor subsp. spiralis
Castilleja mollis
Castilleja montana
Castilleja montigena
Castilleja nana
Castilleja neglecta
Castilleja parviflora
Castilleja parviflora var. parviflora
Castilleja payneae
Castilleja peirsonii
Castilleja pilosa
Castilleja pilosa subsp. jusselii
Castilleja pilosa subsp. jussellii
Castilleja pilosa var. pilosa
Castilleja pinetorum
Castilleja pinetorum var. fragile
Castilleja pinetorum var. fragilis
Castilleja plagiotoma
Castilleja praeterita
Castilleja pruinosa
Castilleja pruinosa subsp. gleasonii
Castilleja psittacina
Castilleja quibellii
Castilleja roseana
Castilleja rubicundula
Castilleja rubicundula subsp. lithospermoides
Castilleja rubicundula subsp. rubicundula
Castilleja schizotricha
Castilleja spiralis
Castilleja stenantha
Castilleja stenantha subsp. spiralis
Castilleja subinclusa
Castilleja subinclusa subsp. franciscana
Castilleja subinclusa subsp. subinclusa
Castilleja tenuis
Castilleja trisecta
Castilleja uliginosa
Castilleja wherryana
Castilleja wightii
Castilleja wightii subsp. inflata
Castilleja wightii subsp. litoralis
Castilleja wightii subsp. rubra
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