Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Carex
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Carex ablata
Carex ablata var. luzuliformis
Carex abramsii
Carex abrupta
Carex acutina
Carex adusta
Carex adusta var. congesta
Carex aemato-rhyncha
Carex aequa
Carex albida
Carex albo-nigra
Carex albonigra
Carex alma
Carex amplectens
Carex amplifolia
Carex angustata
Carex angustior
Carex aquatilis
Carex aquatilis var. aquatilis
Carex aquatilis var. dives
Carex arcta
Carex arctogena
Carex atherodes
Carex athrostachya
Carex athrostachya var. minor
Carex atrata
Carex atrata var. atratiformis
Carex atrata var. erecta
Carex atrata var. nigra
Carex aurea
Carex aurea var. androgyna
Carex aurea var. celsa
Carex auriculata
Carex austro-montana
Carex barbarae
Carex bella
Carex bifida
Carex bishallii
Carex bolanderi
Carex bonplandii
Carex bonplandii var. angustifolia
Carex bonplandii var. minor
Carex brainerdii
Carex brevicaulis
Carex breviligulata
Carex brevipes
Carex breweri
Carex breweri var. breweri
Carex brunnescens
Carex brunnescens subsp. brunnescens
Carex buxbaumii
Carex californica
Carex canescens
Carex canescens subsp. canescens
Carex canescens var. polystachya
Carex capitata
Carex capitata subsp. arctogena
Carex capitata subsp. capitata
Carex capitata var. arctogena
Carex cephalophora
Carex cherokeensis
Carex cinnamomea
Carex comosa
Carex concinnoides
Carex congdonii
Carex cristata var. mirabilis
Carex cusickii
Carex davyi
Carex decidua
Carex decumbens
Carex deflexa
Carex deflexa var. boottii
Carex densa
Carex deweyana
Carex deweyana subsp. leptopoda
Carex deweyana var. bolanderi
Carex diandra
Carex disperma
Carex douglasii
Carex dudleyi
Carex duriuscula
Carex eastwoodiana
Carex echinata
Carex echinata subsp. echinata
Carex echinata subsp. phyllomanica
Carex echinata var. ormantha
Carex eleocharis
Carex engelmannii
Carex epapillosa
Carex eurycarpa
Carex exserta
Carex exsiccata
Carex festiva var. decumbens
Carex festiva var. gracilis
Carex festiva var. haydeniana
Carex festiva var. pachystachya
Carex festiva var. stricta
Carex festivella
Carex festucacea
Carex feta
Carex filifolia
Carex filifolia var. erostrata
Carex filifolia var. filifolia
Carex filiformis var. aematorhyncha
Carex filiformis var. latifolia
Carex fissuricola
Carex flaccifolia
Carex foetida
Carex fracta
Carex fulva var. hornschuchiana
Carex furcata
Carex garberi
Carex geophila
Carex geyeri
Carex gianonei
Carex gigas
Carex globosa
Carex globosa var. brevipes
Carex gracilior
Carex gymnoclada
Carex gynodynama
Carex halliana
Carex hallii
Carex harfordii
Carex hassei
Carex haydeniana
Carex helleri
Carex hendersonii
Carex heteroneura
Carex heteroneura var. brevisquama
Carex heteroneura var. epapillosa
Carex heteroneura var. heteroneura
Carex hindsii
Carex hirtissima
Carex hoodii
Carex hystericina
Carex hystricina
Carex idahoa
Carex illota
Carex incurviformis
Carex incurviformis var. danaensis
Carex infirminervia
Carex inflata
Carex inflata var. inflata
Carex inflata var. utriculata
Carex inops
Carex inops subsp. inops
Carex integra
Carex interior
Carex interrupta var. impressa
Carex invisa
Carex jacintoensis
Carex jamesii
Carex jamesii var. austro-montana
Carex jepsonii
Carex jonesii
Carex kelloggii
Carex laciniata
Carex lacunarum
Carex laeviculmis
Carex lagopina
Carex lagopoioides
Carex lancifructus
Carex lanuginosa
Carex lasiocarpa
Carex lasiocarpa var. americana
Carex lasiocarpa var. lanuginosa
Carex lasiocarpa var. lasiocarpa
Carex laxiflora var. plantaginea
Carex leavenworthii
Carex lemmonii
Carex lenticularis
Carex lenticularis var. impressa
Carex lenticularis var. lenticularis
Carex lenticularis var. limnophila
Carex lenticularis var. lipocarpa
Carex leporina
Carex leporina var. americana
Carex leporinella
Carex leptalea
Carex leptalea subsp. leptalea
Carex leptopoda
Carex liddoni var. incerta
Carex liddonii
Carex limosa
Carex limosa var. livida
Carex lithophila
Carex livida
Carex livida var. radicalis
Carex luzulaefolia
Carex luzulaefolia var. ablata
Carex luzulaefolia var. strobilantha
Carex luzulifolia
Carex luzulina
Carex luzulina var. ablata
Carex luzulina var. luzulina
Carex lyngbyei
Carex macloviana var. subfusca
Carex magnifica var. lacunarum
Carex mariposana
Carex mendocinensis
Carex mertensii
Carex mesochorea
Carex micropoda
Carex microptera
Carex microstachys
Carex molesta
Carex monile
Carex monile var. pacifica
Carex montereyensis
Carex monticola
Carex multicaulis
Carex multicostata
Carex muricata var. confixa
Carex nebrascensis
Carex nebraskensis
Carex nervina
Carex neurophora
Carex nigricans
Carex norvegica
Carex norvegica subsp. inferalpina
Carex novae-angliae var. rossii
Carex nubicola
Carex nudata
Carex nudata var. anomala
Carex obispoensis
Carex obnupta
Carex occidentalis
Carex olympica
Carex oregonensis
Carex ormantha
Carex ovalis
Carex oxycarpa
Carex pachycarpa
Carex pachystachya
Carex paniculata
Carex pansa
Carex parryana
Carex parryana var. hallii
Carex parryana var. unica
Carex paucicostata
Carex paucifructa
Carex paucifructus
Carex pellita
Carex petasata
Carex phaeocephala
Carex phaeocephala f. eastwoodiana
Carex phyllomanica
Carex piperi
Carex podocarpa
Carex polymorpha
Carex polymorpha var. californica
Carex polytrichoides
Carex praeceptorum
Carex praegracilis
Carex pratensis
Carex praticola
Carex prescottiana
Carex preslii
Carex propinqua
Carex proposita
Carex pseudo-cyperus var. comosa
Carex pseudo-japonica
Carex pseudoscirpoidea
Carex pyrenaica
Carex pyrenaica subsp. pyrenaica
Carex quadrifida
Carex quadrifida var. caeca
Carex raynoldsii
Carex retroflexa
Carex retroflexa var. texensis
Carex richardsonii
Carex rossii
Carex rossii var. brevipes
Carex rostrata
Carex salina
Carex salina var. minor
Carex salinaeformis
Carex saliniformis
Carex sartwelliana
Carex sartwellii
Carex scabriuscula
Carex schottii
Carex scirpoidea
Carex scirpoidea subsp. pseudoscirpoidea
Carex scirpoidea var. gigas
Carex scirpoidea var. pseudoscirpoidea
Carex scoparia
Carex scoparia var. fulva
Carex scoparia var. scoparia
Carex scopulorum
Carex scopulorum var. bracteosa
Carex senta
Carex serpenticola
Carex serratodens
Carex sheldonii
Carex siccata
Carex simulata
Carex sitchensis
Carex sonomensis
Carex specifica
Carex spectabilis
Carex spissa
Carex stellulata var. ormantha
Carex stenoptera
Carex stevenii
Carex stipata
Carex stipata var. stipata
Carex straminea var. congesta
Carex straminea var. mixta
Carex straminiformis
Carex sub-bracteata
Carex subbracteata
Carex subfusca
Carex subnigricans
Carex tahoensis
Carex tenella
Carex teneraeformis
Carex teneriformis
Carex tenuirostris
Carex teretiuscula
Carex texensis
Carex tiogana
Carex tolmiei var. invisa
Carex tompkinsii
Carex tracyi
Carex trichocarpa var. imberbis
Carex triquetra
Carex tumulicola
Carex umbellata var. globosa
Carex unilateralis
Carex utriculata
Carex utriculata var. globosa
Carex vallicola
Carex vallicola var. vallicola
Carex verecunda
Carex vernacula
Carex vesicaria
Carex vesicaria var. colorata
Carex vesicaria var. major
Carex vesicaria var. obtusisquamis
Carex vesicaria var. pacifica
Carex vesicaria var. vesicaria
Carex vicaria
Carex viridula
Carex viridula subsp. viridula
Carex viridula var. viridula
Carex vulgaris
Carex vulgaris var. bracteosa
Carex vulpinoidea
Carex vulpinoidea var. vulpinoidea
Carex whitneyi
Carex wilkesii
Carex yosemitana
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