Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Arnica
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Arnica alata
Arnica alpina f. auct
Arnica amplexicaulis
Arnica amplexicaulis subsp. genuina
Arnica amplexicaulis var. piperi
Arnica amplexicaulis var. prima
Arnica amplexifolia
Arnica austinae
Arnica bernardina
Arnica bruceae
Arnica cernua
Arnica chamissonis
Arnica chamissonis subsp. foliosa
Arnica chamissonis subsp. foliosa var. incana
Arnica chamissonis var. andina
Arnica chamissonis var. bernardina
Arnica chamissonis var. foliosa
Arnica chamissonis var. incana
Arnica chamissonis var. jepsoniana
Arnica chandleri
Arnica ciliaris
Arnica cordifolia
Arnica cordifolia subsp. genuina
Arnica cordifolia var. cordifolia
Arnica cordifolia var. eradiata
Arnica cordifolia var. humilis
Arnica cordifolia var. pumila
Arnica cordifolia var. whitneyi
Arnica cusickii
Arnica dealbata
Arnica discoidea
Arnica discoidea var. alata
Arnica discoidea var. eradiata
Arnica diversifolia
Arnica elongata
Arnica foliosa
Arnica foliosa var. bernardina
Arnica foliosa var. foliosa
Arnica foliosa var. incana
Arnica foliosa var. sonnei
Arnica fulgens
Arnica fulgens var. sororia
Arnica grayi
Arnica hardinae
Arnica humilis
Arnica incana
Arnica latifolia
Arnica latifolia var. viscidula
Arnica longifolia
Arnica longifolia subsp. genuina
Arnica longifolia subsp. myriadenia
Arnica merriami
Arnica merriami var. scaberrima
Arnica mollis
Arnica mollis var. aspera
Arnica mollis var. silvatica
Arnica myriadenia
Arnica nevadensis
Arnica parryi
Arnica parryi subsp. genuina
Arnica parryi subsp. parryi
Arnica parryi subsp. sonnei
Arnica parryi var. sonnei
Arnica parviflora
Arnica parviflora subsp. alata
Arnica pumila
Arnica rivularis
Arnica rydbergii
Arnica sanhedrensis
Arnica scaberrima
Arnica sonnei
Arnica sororia
Arnica spathulata
Arnica spathulata subsp. eastwoodiae
Arnica spathulata subsp. spathulata
Arnica tomentella
Arnica venosa
Arnica viscosa
Arnica whitneyi
Arnica diversifolia
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