Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Aristida
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Aristida adscensionis
Aristida americana
Aristida bromoides
Aristida californica
Aristida californica var. californica
Aristida dichotoma
Aristida divaricata
Aristida fasciculata
Aristida fendleriana
Aristida glauca
Aristida hamulosa
Aristida jonesii
Aristida lemmoni
Aristida longiseta var. fendleriana
Aristida longiseta var. robusta
Aristida oligantha
Aristida orcuttiana
Aristida palmeri
Aristida parishii
Aristida purpurea
Aristida purpurea var. fendleriana
Aristida purpurea var. glauca
Aristida purpurea var. longiseta
Aristida purpurea var. nealleyi
Aristida purpurea var. parishii
Aristida purpurea var. purpurea
Aristida purpurea var. robusta
Aristida purpurea var. wrightii
Aristida reverchoni
Aristida schiedeana
Aristida schiedeana var. orcuttiana
Aristida ternipes
Aristida ternipes var. gentilis
Aristida ternipes var. hamulosa
Aristida wrightii
Aristida wrightii var. parishii
Aristida wrightii var. wrightii
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