Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Sambucus
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Sambucus acuminata
Sambucus caerulea
Sambucus caerulea f. semperflorens
Sambucus caerulea var. arizonica
Sambucus caerulea var. glauca
Sambucus caerulea var. mexicana
Sambucus caerulea var. neomexicana
Sambucus caerulea var. trifida
Sambucus caerulea var. velutina
Sambucus californica
Sambucus callicarpa
Sambucus canadensis var. mexicana
Sambucus cerulea
Sambucus coriacea
Sambucus decipiens
Sambucus ferax
Sambucus fimbriata
Sambucus glauca
Sambucus glauca var. arizonica
Sambucus glauca var. neomexicana
Sambucus intermedia var. neomexicana
Sambucus leiosperma
Sambucus maritima
Sambucus melanocarpa
Sambucus melanocarpa var. communis
Sambucus melanocarpa var. furstenbergii
Sambucus mexicana
Sambucus microbotrys
Sambucus neomexicana
Sambucus nigra
Sambucus nigra subsp. caerulea
Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis
Sambucus orbiculata
Sambucus orbiculata var. glabra
Sambucus orbiculata var. puberula
Sambucus pubens var. arborescens
Sambucus racemosa
Sambucus racemosa var. arborescens
Sambucus racemosa var. callicarpa
Sambucus racemosa var. maritima
Sambucus racemosa var. melanocarpa
Sambucus racemosa var. microbotrys
Sambucus racemosa var. racemosa
Sambucus seminita
Sambucus tomentella
Sambucus trifida
Sambucus velutina
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