Jepson Flora Project: Index to California Plant Names    

Names in Corallorhiza
This list is drawn from the Index of California Plant Names, Fred Hrusa's Crosswalk, and the Jepson Flora.

Corallorhiza bigelovii
Corallorhiza corallorhiza
Corallorhiza maculata
Corallorhiza maculata subsp. mertensiana
Corallorhiza maculata subsp. occidentalis
Corallorhiza maculata var. flavida
Corallorhiza maculata var. immaculata
Corallorhiza maculata var. intermedia
Corallorhiza maculata var. maculata
Corallorhiza maculata var. occidentalis
Corallorhiza maculata var. punicea
Corallorhiza mertensiana
Corallorhiza multiflora
Corallorhiza ochroleuca
Corallorhiza striata
Corallorhiza striata var. flavida
Corallorhiza striata var. ochroleuca
Corallorhiza striata var. striata
Corallorhiza striata var. vreelandii
Corallorhiza trifida
Corallorhiza trifida var. verna
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