University Herbarium, UC Berkeley: Indian Ocean Catalogue
Mehta, B.J., V.D. Chauhan, & M.M. Taqui Khan
1985. Culture and chemical aspects of marine Spirulina sp. from Gujarat coast. Seaweed Research and Utilisation 8: 13–17, 2 figs., 2 tables.
Oza, R.M., A. Tewari, H.V. Joshi, O.P. Mairh, & M.M. Taqui Khan
1985. Further experiments on the field cultivation of Enteromorpha on the coast of Okha, Gujarat. In V. Krishnamurthy & A.G. Untawale (eds.), Marine plants. Madras: Seaweed Research and Utilization Association. Pp. 153–166, 12 figs.

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