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Penicillus nodulosus (Lamouroux) Blainville

Nesaea nodulosa Lamouroux in Quoy & Gaimard, 1824: 622, pl. 91: figs. 8, 9 (type locality: Moluccas, Indonesia).

Penicillus nodulosus (Lamouroux) Blainville, 1830: 516.—A. Gepp & E. Gepp, 1911: 86–87, pl. XX: figs. 174, 175.— Lucas, 1912: 170.— G.G. Smith, 1956: 11.— G. Davies, 1970: 117, 119, 121.— Logan & Cebulski, 1970: 32.— Read, 1974: table 3.— Walker, Kendrick, & McComb, 1988: 313.— Edgar, 1990: 3.— Huisman et al., 1990: 90.— Huisman & Walker, 1990: 367.— Kendrick, Huisman, & Walker, 1990: 49.— Walker, 1991: 72.— Wells & Walker, 1993: 8.

Taxonomic synonym:

Penicillus arbuscula Montagne, 1842a: 14 (type locality: Toud Island [Warrior Islet], Torres Strait, Australia).—Harvey, 1855b: 564.— Harvey, 1858b: pl. XXII.— Harvey, 1863: lviii.— Sonder, 1880: 39.— J. Agardh, 1887: 63.— De Toni, 1889: 502.


Note: The synonymy was proposed by A. Gepp & E. Gepp (1911: 86–87). Those authors found a specimen in Lamouroux's herbarium (in CN) that matched his illustration of Nesaea nodulosa. There were two accompanying labels, one bearing the name N. nodulosa without an indication of provenance, the other bearing the name N. granulosa and indicating that the specimen came from Shark Bay, Western Australia. According to the protologue, the type specimen came from the Moluccas. It is possible that originally there were two specimens, one of which has been lost. In transferring this species to Penicillus, Decaisne (1842b: 109) adopted the unpublished epithet granulosa rather than the published epithet nodulosa.

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