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Avrainvillea elliottii A. Gepp & E. Gepp

Avrainvillea elliottii A. Gepp & E. Gepp, 1911: 35–36, 138, pl. XI: fig. 99; pl. XII: figs. 99a, 100 (type locality: Grenada Island, Windward Islands, West Indies).

Taxonomic synonym:

Avrainvillea geppiorum Børgesen, 1913: 87–89, figs. 71, 72 (`geppii') (type locality: Maho Bay, St. Jan [St. John] Island, Virgin Islands).—Untawale & Jagtap, 1989: table I (`Averainvillea geppi').


Note: The synonymy was suggested by E. Gepp (in Børgesen, 1913: 89), but first formally proposed by Olsen-Stojkovich (1985: 26). Because Børgesen explicitly stated that the name of his new species of Avrainvillea honored both Mr. and Mrs. Gepp, the epithet is correctable to geppiorum (genitive plural) in accordance with Rec. 60C.1(b), enforced by Art. 60.11.

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