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* Caulerpa imbricata G. Murray

Chauvinia imbricata Kjellman in Wittrock & Nordstedt, 1880: no. 346, nom. illeg. (type locality: Galle, Sri Lanka).

Caulerpa imbricata G. Murray, 1887: 37–38.—De Toni, 1889: 478.— Svedelius, 1906a: 134–136, figs. 37–39.— Svedelius, 1906b: 193.— Arwidsson, 1930: 269.— Ernst, 1931: 462.— Chacko, Mahadevan, & R. Ganesan, 1955: 11.

Caulerpa peltata Lamouroux forma imbricata (G. Murray) Weber-van Bosse, 1898: 375 ("var. typica'' forma imbricata) (including Indian Ocean records).


Note: Eubank (1946: 423) assigned this species to Caulerpa racemosa (as var. imbricata), but with doubt. Chauvinia imbricata Kjellman, the intended basionym of Caulerpa imbricata, is not priorable since it is a later homonym of Chauvinia imbricata (Areschoug) Harvey (1862: pl. CCXL), a taxonomic synonym of Phitymophora amansioides (Sonder) Womersley (q.v.). Caulerpa imbricata G. Murray is treated as a nomen novum in accordance with Art. 58.3.

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