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Cladophora sericea (Hudson) Kützing

Conferva sericea Hudson, 1762: 485 (lectotype locality: Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England fide van den Hoek, 1963: 77).

Cladophora sericea (Hudson) Kützing, 1843b: 264.—Gajaria & R. Patel, 1985: 53, 56.— Bolton & Stegenga, 1990: 236.

Taxonomic synonyms:

Cladophora nitida Kützing, 1843b: 269 (type locality: Gulf of Trieste, Italy).—Johnson, 1979: 48.— Phang & Wee, 1991: 57.

Cladophora ovoidea Kützing, 1843b: 266 (type locality: Föhr Island, North Frisian Islands, Germany).—Montagne & Millardet, 1862: 3.— G. Martens, 1868: 58–59.

Cladophora viridula Kützing, 1849: 403 (type locality: Morbihan, France).—G. Martens, 1868: 22, 58–59.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Réunion, Singapore, South Africa.

Note: The synonymy was proposed by van den Hoek (1963: 77–79). Recognizing that Hudson's Conferva sericea was based on two disparate elements, van den Hoek chose the marine element as lectotype and referred the freshwater element (from New River, London, England) to Cladophora glomerata (Linnaeus) Kützing (q.v.). Abandoning Hudson's name because of its history of confusing usage, Söderström (1963: 34, 113) referred the marine element to Cladophora laetevirens (Dillwyn) Kützing [p. 776]. After analyzing the branching pattern shown in an illustration of the lectotype (van den Hoek, 1963: fig. 185), Söderström (1965: 170–173) changed his mind and referred it to Cladophora glaucescens (Griffiths ex Harvey) Kützing (1849: 403) (Conferva glaucescens Griffiths ex Harvey, 1841: 139; lectotype locality: Torquay, Devon, England fide van den Hoek, 1963: 77). According to van den Hoek (1963: 77, 94), the type collection of C. glaucescens is a mixture of representatives of Cladophora albida (Nees) Kützing [p. 769] and C. sericea (Hudson) Kützing [p. 780]. In view of the lectotypification of Conferva sericea with a specimen (in the Dillenius Herbarium, OXF), there is no justification not to apply the name in some sense, even though there may not be a consensus regarding the circumscription of the species.

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