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Cladophora Kützing, nom. cons.

Note: Cladophora crispata (Roth) Kützing var. acuta P. Richter (in Kuntze, 1898: 390; type locality: Deccan, India), published as a freshwater taxon, was erroneously listed as a marine alga by V. Krishnamurthy & H. Joshi (1970: 4). Cladophora tranquebariensis (Roth) Kützing (1849: 409), based on Ceramium tranquebariense Roth (1806: 122–123; type locality: Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu, India), was also listed by V. Krishnamurthy & H. Joshi, but there are no unequivocal marine records for this species, which De Toni (1889: 389) thought was probably referable to Pithophora, a freshwater alga. "Cladophora indica Martens'', cited by K. Srinivasan (1965: 203) and repeated by V. Krishnamurthy & H. Joshi (l.c.), is an error for Chaetophora indica G. Martens (1870a: 11) from a freshwater site in Bengal.

* Cladophora aculeata (Suhr) De Toni, nom. illeg.

Conferva aculeata Suhr, 1834: 741–742 (type locality: Algoa Bay, Cape Province, South Africa).—Kützing, 1849: 421.— Areschoug, 1851: 12–13.

Cladophora aculeata (Suhr) De Toni, 1889: 353, nom. illeg.—Barton, 1893: 56.


Note: Cladophora aculeata (Suhr) De Toni is a later homonym of C. aculeata Kützing (1849: 419). The latter name was intended to be a combination of Conferva aculeata Montagne (1839a: 4–6, pl. 4: fig. 1; type locality: Bahía San Blas, Buenos Aires, Argentina), but since that name is a later homonym of Conferva aculeata Suhr and hence not priorable, Cladophora aculeata Kützing is treated as a nomen novum in accordance with Art. 58.3. It is illegitimate, however, since Kützing was obligated to adopt the epithet-bringing name Conferva oxyclada, which Montagne (1839b: 5) had proposed as a substitute for his Conferva aculeata. The Montagne names are applicable to Camontagnea oxyclada (Montagne) Pujals (1981: 15), a species and genus in the Acrochaetiaceae not reported from the Indian Ocean. Papenfuss's notes indicate that he was aware that Cladophora aculeata (Suhr) De Toni was superfluous, but give no hint as to his opinion of the species.

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