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Chaetomorpha litorea Harvey

Conferva litorea Harvey, 1849: 208, nom. illeg. (type locality: Great Britain).

Chaetomorpha litorea Harvey, 1858a: 87.—M. Balakrishnan, 1954: 115.— V. Krishnamurthy, 1954: 173.— M. Balakrishnan, 1961d: 35, 37, 38, fig. 1F.— T. Rao & V. Rao, 1963: 116, fig. 4, tables 1a,b, I.— V. Krishnamurthy & H. Joshi, 1970: 4.— S. Qasim, Bhattathiri, & Reddy, 1972: 218.— V. Rao, Lilly, & Sundaralingam, 1982: 87.— Untawale, Dhargalkar, & Agadi, 1983: [9].— P. Subba Rao et al., 1985: 32.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: India, Laccadive Islands.

Note: The specific epithet of this name is often spelled littorea, but Harvey originally used the alternative and equally correct spelling litorea, which must be retained. Conferva litorea Harvey, the intended basionym of Chaetomorpha litorea, is not priorable since, in accordance with Art. 53.3, it is to be treated as a later homonym of Conferva littorea (Lyngbye) Rabenhorst (1847: 106) (Zygnema littoreum Lyngbye, 1819: 171; type locality: Odense Fjord, Denmark), which Hauck (1884 [1882–1885]: 444) has included in the synonymy of Rhizoclonium riparium (Roth) Harvey (q.v.). Chaetomorpha litorea Harvey is treated as a nomen novum in accordance with Art. 58.3.

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