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Ulva lactuca Linnaeus forma laciniata (J. Agardh) De Toni

Ulva rigida C. Agardh forma laciniata J. Agardh, 1883: 169 (type locality: Adriatic Sea).

Ulva lactuca Linnaeus forma laciniata (J. Agardh) De Toni, 1889: 112.—Möbius, 1893: 136.

Taxonomic synonyms:

Phycoseris australis Kützing, 1843b: 298 (syntype localities: Golfo di Venezia and Trieste, Italy).—De Toni & Levi, 1888: 123.

Phycoseris australis Kützing var. umbilicalis Kützing, 1845: 245 (type locality: Adriatic Sea).—Sonder, 1854: 2.— G. Martens, 1868: 60–61.— De Wildeman, 1897a: 12.

Misapplied name:

Ulva lactuca forma myriotrema.—De Wildeman, 1900: 52.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: India, Indonesia (Java), Mauritius.

Note: Phycoseris australis was proposed as a synonym by J. Agardh (1883: 169), P. australis var. umbilicalis by Möbius (1893: 136). The listing of Martens's Java record under Ulva lactuca forma myriotrema (Lenormand ex Kützing) De Toni by De Wildeman (1900: 52) was apparently based on his misreading of De Toni (1889: 112). Phycoseris australis was treated by Schiffner (in Schiffner & Vatova, 1938: 160) as Ulva lactuca var. laciniata (J. Agardh) Schiffner forma australis (Kützing) Schiffner.

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