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Nizamuddinia P. Silva, nom. nov.

Note: Nizamuddinia P. Silva is proposed as a substitute name for Sargassopsis Nizamuddin, Hiscock, Barratt, & Ormond (1993: 110), a later homonym of Sargassopsis Trevisan (1843: 332). Trevisan's genus comprised three species of Sargassum: S. decurrens (R. Brown ex Turner) C. Agardh, S. peronii C. Agardh, and S. boryi C. Agardh (treated as a taxonomic synonym of S. peronii in this catalogue). The proposed substitute name honors Professor Mohammed Nizamuddin, who has made many important contributions to marine phycology, through published research and through his students, whom he has endowed with knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm.

* Nizamuddinia zanardinii (Schiffner) P. Silva, comb. nov.

Sargassum zanardinii Schiffner, 1934: 118 (type locality: Qishn, Yemen).—Jensen, 1974: 47, pl. 11: fig. b.

Sargassopsis zanardinii (Schiffner) Nizamuddin et al., 1993: 110–121, figs. 3–14.—Ormond & Banaimoon, 1994: 117.

Nizamuddinia zanardinii (Schiffner) P. Silva.

Misapplied name (fide Schiffner, l.c.):

Sargassum yemense.—Zanardini, 1858: 237, pl. III: fig. 1.


Note: Before being validly published, the binomial Sargassopsis zanardinii was employed by Barratt, Ormond, & Wrathall (1986: 1-10, figs. 4a–c; 2-6, fig. 1; 3-2 ff.), Nizamuddin et al. (1986: 7-1–7-12, figs. 1–11), Kuwait (1988: 23 ff., fig. 15), Sheppard & Salm (1988: 269), and Sheppard, A. Price, & Roberts (1992: 135).

Addendum: Nizamuddinia P. Silva and N. zanardinii (Schiffner) P. Silva were validated in Silva, Basson, & Moe (University of California Publications in Botany 79: 655. 1996).

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