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* Cystoseira corniculata (Turner) Zanardini

Fucus ericoides Linnaeus var. corniculatus Turner, 1809–1811: 132, 135 (syntype localities: Adriatic Sea; Sri Lanka).

Cystoseira corniculata (Turner) Zanardini, 1841: 243.


Note: Fucus corniculatus Wulfen (in Jacquin, 1787: 358–360) is traditionally considered the basionym of Cystoseira corniculata, but it is nomenclaturally superfluous and thus illegitimate because Wulfen cited Fucus abies-marina S. Gmelin (1768) in the protologue. (See Note to Gracilaria corniculata (C. Agardh) J. Agardh (q.v.).) Fucus ericoides var. corniculatus Turner (1809–1811: 132) may be taken as the basionym even though Turner cited the Wulfen binomial in synonymy since he treated F. abies-marina as a distinct species (Turner, 1811–1819: 122).

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