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Tinocladia Kylin

Tinocladia australis (Harvey) Kylin

Liebmannia? australis Harvey, 1859b: 291–292 (lectotype locality: Georgetown, Tasmania fide A. Bailey & Womersley, 1967: 235).

Tinocladia australis (Harvey) Kylin, 1940: 34.

Taxonomic synonym:

Eudesme harveyana Kylin, 1940: 31–32, pl. 5: fig. 13 (type locality: Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia).—A. Bailey & Womersley, 1967: 233.

Misapplied name (fide A. Bailey & Womersley, 1967: 233):

Mesogloia virescens.—Harvey, 1863: xiii.


Note: The synonymy was proposed by Womersley & Bailey (1987: 116–117). Because those authors cited Sceale Bay, South Australia, as the westernmost locality for this species, the collection by George Clifton from Western Australia (presumably near Fremantle) assigned to Mesogloia virescens by Harvey (l.c.) and to Eudesme harveyana by A. Bailey & Womersley (l.c.) needs to be reexamined.

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