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Hincksia J. Gray

* Hincksia andamanensis (V. Krishnamurthy & Baluswami) P. Silva

Giffordia andamanensis V. Krishnamurthy & Baluswami, 1983: 47 (type locality: Long Island, Middle Andaman Islands).

Hincksia andamanensis (V. Krishnamurthy & Baluswami) P. Silva in P. Silva, Meñez, & Moe, 1987: 130.


Note: The name Giffordia andamanensis was invalid when first published (V. Krishnamurthy & Baluswami, 1982: 104–105, figs. 1–11) since the authors did not provide a Latin diagnosis and thus failed to satisfy Art. 36.2.

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