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* Rytiphlaea spinulosa (Harvey) P. Silva, comb. nov.

Alsidium ? spinulosum Harvey, 1855b: 538 (syntype localities: various in Western Australia).—De Toni, 1903: 864.

Rhodomela ? spinulosa (Harvey) Harvey, 1860b: pl. CXXX.

Rytiphlaea spinulosa (Harvey) P. Silva.

Rytiphlaea aculeata C. Agardh ex J. Agardh, 1863 [1851–1863]: 1087–1088, nom. illeg.—Harvey, 1863: xviii.— Sonder, 1880: 33.— De Toni & Levi, 1888: 83.— De Toni, 1903: 1096–1097.— Lucas, 1909: 46.— V. May, 1965: 397.


Note: When describing Rytiphlaea aculeata, J. Agardh placed in synonymy Alsidium ? spinulosum, assuming that the priority of his name had been established by its publication in 1841 (J. Agardh, 1841: 26). In that publication, however, the name lacked a description. Rytiphlaea aculeata is thus a superfluous name for Alsidium ? spinulosum.

Addendum: Rytiphlaea spinulosa (Harvey) P. Silva was validated in Silva, Basson, & Moe (University of California Publications in Botany 79: 551. 1996).

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