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Bostrychia simpliciuscula Harvey ex J. Agardh

Bostrychia simpliciuscula Harvey ex J. Agardh, 1863 [1851–1863]: 854–855 (type locality: Tonga).—J. West, 1992: 20.— Kamiya, J. West, & Hara, 1994: 167.— Karsten et al., 1994: 314.— Zuccarello & J. West, 1994: 465 (table 1).

Bostrychia tenuis Post, 1936: 22, 82, nom. illeg. (including Indian Ocean record).—Post, 1967b: table 2.

Bostrychia tenuis Post forma simpliciuscula (Harvey ex J. Agardh) Post, 1936: 23 (including Indian Ocean record).—Post, 1968a: 105, 108, fig. 9, table II.— Post, 1968b: 254, 258, 300.— Bolton & Stegenga, 1987: 171.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Indonesia (Sumatra), Singapore, South Africa, Thailand.

Note: Bostrychia tenuis is a superfluous name since it initially included two existing species, B. simpliciuscula and B. andoi Okamura (1907 [1907–1909]: 102, pl. XXII: figs. 14–22; type locality: Ryukyu-retto, Japan), a species not reported from the Indian Ocean.

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