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Phitymophora J. Agardh

Phitymophora amansioides (Sonder) Womersley

Delesseria amansioides Sonder, 1853: 690–691 (type locality: Encounter Bay, South Australia).

Phitymophora amansioides (Sonder) Womersley, 1965a: 436.—Ducker, Foord, & Knox, 1977: 83.— Wynne, 1988: 525, figs. 9A,B.— Wynne & Scott, 1989: 25, fig. 1.

Taxonomic synonym:

Delesseria imbricata Areschoug, 1854b: 346 (type locality: Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia).—Sonder, 1880: 24.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Amsterdam Island, Australia.

Note: The synonymy was proposed by Womersley (l.c.).

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