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IOC entry for Cottoniella amamiensis

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Cottoniella Børgesen

Cottoniella amamiensis Itono

Cottoniella amamiensis Itono, 1972: 57–59, fig. 4 (type locality: Tatsugo, Amami-oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan).—Wynne & R. Norris, 1991: 263–265, figs. 7, 8.

Misapplied name (fide Wynne & R. Norris, 1991: 263):

Cottoniella filamentosa.—Islam, 1974b: 89.— Islam, 1976: 63–64, pl. 59: figs. 354–358; pl. 70: figs. 403–406.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Bangladesh, South Africa.

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