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Antithamnion lherminieri (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Bornet ex Nasr

Callithamnion lherminieri P. Crouan & H. Crouan in Mazé & Schramm, 1878: 144 (type locality: Anse de la Petite-Fontaine, Vieux-Fort, Guadeloupe, West Indies).

Antithamnion lherminieri (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Bornet ex Nasr, 1941: 66.—R. Norris, 1987c: 27–29, figs. 19, 20.— Kalugina-Gutnik, Perestenko, & Titlyanova, 1992: 19 (table 1).— Titlyanova, Perestenko, & Kalugina-Gutnik, 1992: 43.— Zvyagintsev & Ivin, 1992: tables 4, 5.

Taxonomic synonym:

Antithamnion antillanum Børgesen, 1917: 226–229, figs. 213–216 (type locality: near Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands).—Wollaston, 1984: 283.— Wynne, 1995: 288 figs. 28–30.

Misapplied name (fide R. Norris, 1987c: 27):

Antithamnion divergens.—R. Norris & Aken, 1985: 59, figs. 14–16.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Mozambique, Seychelles (including Mahé Island), South Africa.

Note: The correct name for this species depends on the validity of publication of Callithamnion lherminieri. (See Note to Liagoropsis schrammii [p. 129].) The description of Callithamnion lherminieri was limited to four words, "Coloration vivante: rose violacé''. Because this coloration is unique among those given for the 13 species of Callithamnion recognized by the Crouan brothers, it may be interpreted as a validating description. Nasr (1941: 66–69, figs. 9, 10) found two specimens in the Bornet-Thuret Herbarium (in PC) that constituted original material of C. lherminieri (Algues de la Guadeloupe no. 1259). In a note appended to the specimens, Bornet indicated that they were referable to Antithamnion. Believing that his Red Sea material was conspecific with these specimens, Nasr referred it to "Antithamnion lherminieri (Cr.) Born.''. He cited A. antillanum as a synonym, which he recognized as A. lherminieri var. antillanum (Børgesen) Nasr. In a different and previously expressed interpretation, Silva, Meñez, & Moe (1987: 53–54), agreeing with Abbott (1979) and Athanasiadis (1985), considered Callithamnion lherminieri an invalidly published name and accredited Antithamnion lherminieri directly to Nasr. Because Nasr's description was based largely if not entirely on Red Sea material, Silva, Meñez, & Moe (l.c.) cited (incorrectly) the Red Sea as type locality. In fact, Nasr indicated that Guadeloupe was the type locality. Abbott (1979), pointing to differences in tetrasporangial division, branchlet length, and structure of indeterminate branches, recognized both species. Athanasiadis (1985: 458) and Athanasiadis, Garbary, & Vandermeulen (1990) did not observe these differences and recognized only A. antillanum.

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