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Antithamnion armatum (J. Agardh) De Toni

Callithamnion armatum J. Agardh, 1885: 3–4 (type locality: "in aliis Algis Novae Hollandiae'').

Antithamnion ? armatum (J. Agardh) De Toni, 1903: 1398.—Lucas, 1909: 51.— Wollaston, 1968: 290–291, 293, figs. 18A–J.— Kendrick, Walker, & McComb, 1988: 205, table 1.— Huisman et al., 1990: 96.— Huisman & Walker, 1990: 418.— Kendrick, Huisman, & Walker, 1990: 51.


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