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* Solieria jaasundii Mshigeni & Papenfuss

Solieria jaasundii Mshigeni & Papenfuss, 1981a: 1–7, figs. 1–15 (type locality: Kigombe, Tanzania).

Invalid name:

Rhabdonia africana Jaasund, 1976: 95, fig. 195.—Jaasund, 1977a: 335.— Jaasund, 1977c: 422.— Mshigeni, Semesi, & Ngonyani, 1979: 447–450, figs. 1, 2, table I.— Lawson, 1980: 59.


Note: When Jaasund (1976) first proposed the name Rhabdonia africana, he did not provide a Latin diagnosis or indicate a type, thus failing to satisfy Arts. 36.2 and 37.1. In his next treatment, Jaasund (1977a) supplied a Latin diagnosis but failed to indicate a type. The name was not valid at the time that Mshigeni & Papenfuss replaced it with Solieria jaasundii.

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