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Sarcodia J. Agardh

* Sarcodia dentata (Suhr) R. Norris

Halymenia dentata Suhr, 1834: 734–735, pl. I: fig. 8 (type locality: Algoa Bay, Cape Province, South Africa).

Kallymenia dentata (Suhr) J. Agardh, 1848a: 48 (excluding cited material).—Hohenacker, 1855 [1852–1862]: no. 222.— Dickie, 1874b: 196.— Barton, 1893: 140.— De Wildeman, 1897a: 170.— Delf & Michell, 1921: 106 (Great Kei mouth record).

Halymenia carnosa Kützing var. dentata (Suhr) Kützing, 1849: 718.—G. Martens, 1868: 29, 88–89.

Anatheca dentata (Suhr) Papenfuss, 1940a: 218–219.—Nunn, Parolis, & Russell, 1971: 205.— Seagrief, 1977: 90.— Seagrief, 1988: 56, fig. 5:10.— R. Anderson & Stegenga, 1989: 302.

Sarcodia dentata (Suhr) R. Norris in Wynne, 1989d: 428 (including Indian Ocean record).—Bolton & Stegenga, 1990: 238.— Branch et al., 1994: 322.

Taxonomic synonym:

* Sarcodia capensis J. Agardh, 1885: 65 (type locality: Algoa Bay, Cape Province, South Africa).—Barton, 1896: 197.— De Toni, 1900: 415.— Delf & Michell, 1921: 107.— Kylin, 1932: 56, pl. 20: fig. 50.— Simons, 1977: 47, fig. 134.

Misapplied name (fide Papenfuss, 1968b: 272):

Euhymenia capensis.—Kützing, 1867: 22, pl. 74.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Indonesia (Sumatra), Mauritius, South Africa.

Note: Sarcodia capensis is included as a synonym on the authority of Papenfuss (1940a: 218–219). According to R. Norris (1964: 93), material from Table Bay (South Africa) that J. Agardh had in hand when transferring Halymenia dentata to Kallymenia is representative of a previously undescribed species of Kallymenia, which Norris published as K. agardhii [p. 206]. In attempting to make the combination Sarcodia dentata, R. Norris (1987e: 152, figs. 1–8) did not cite the page on which the basionym was published and thus failed to satisfy Art. 33.2. The combination was validated in Wynne (1989d: 428). A specimen in the herbarium in HBG was designated by Wynne (op.cit.: 427, pl. III: fig. 9) as the lectotype of Halymenia dentata Suhr.

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