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Rhodophyllis Kützing, nom. cons.

Rhodophyllis centrocarpa (Montagne) Wynne

Sphaerococcus laciniatus (Hudson) C. Agardh var. centrocarpus Montagne, 1839b: 28 (type locality: "Callao'', Peru [Valparaiso, Chile fide Montagne, 1852: 316]).

Taxonomic synonym (fide Wynne, 1993a: 150):

Callophyllis acanthocarpa Harvey, 1855a: 251 (syntype localities: various in New Zealand).

Rhodophyllis acanthocarpa (Harvey) J. Agardh in Mueller, 1874: 209.—Askenasy, 1888: 43.— De Toni, 1897: 343.— Reinbold, 1908: 194.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Amsterdam Island, St. Paul Island.

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