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Pneophyllum caulerpae (Foslie) P. Jones & Woelkerling

Melobesia caulerpae Foslie, 1906b: 16 (type locality: Bay of Islands, New Zealand).

Pneophyllum caulerpae (Foslie) P. Jones & Woelkerling, 1984: 193 (table 5).—Harlin, Woelkerling, & Walker, 1985: 391, figs. 8–10, 16.— Huisman et al., 1990: 94.— Kendrick, Huisman, & Walker, 1990: 50.— Barry & Woelkerling, 1995: 141–142.

Misapplied name:

Melobesia zonalis.—S. Dixit, 1970: 118.


Note: According to Chamberlain (1994b: 134), specimens previously identified by her (Chamberlain, 1983: 435) as Pneophyllum zonale (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) Chamberlain, a species not reported from the Indian Ocean, are referable to P. caulerpae rather than to Hapalidium zonale P. Crouan & H. Crouan (1859a: 284, pl. 21: fig. A; lectotype locality: Rade de Camaret, Finistère, France fide Chamberlain, 1983: 437). Whether specimens identified by Dixit as Melobesia zonalis are also referable to P. caulerpae remains to be determined.

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