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Phymatolithon repandum (Foslie) Wilks & Woelkerling

Lithothamnion lenormandii (Areschoug) Foslie forma australe Foslie, 1901a: 8 (`australis') (type locality: Half Moon Bay, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia).

Lithothamnion repandum Foslie, 1904b: 4.

Phymatolithon repandum (Foslie) Wilks & Woelkerling, 1994: 190–192.

Taxonomic synonym (fide Wilks & Woelkerling, 1994: 191):

Lithothamnion repandum Foslie forma asperulum Foslie, 1906b: 5 (`asperula') (type locality: Bay of Islands, New Zealand).

Lithothamnion asperulum (Foslie) Foslie, 1907b: 6, nom. illeg.—Segonzac, 1983: table 1.— Segonzac, 1984: 99, pl. 2: fig. 5, table 1.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Australia, Mauritius, Seychelles.

Note: When Foslie (1904b: 4) elevated Lithothamnion lenormandii forma australe to specific rank, he was obligated to propose a new epithet (repandum) in view of the prior existence of L. australe Foslie.

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