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Neogoniolithon Setchell & Mason

Note: Neogoniolithon Setchell & Mason (1943a: 89) is recognized as a distinct genus by Woelkerling (1988: 139) and Penrose (1991; 1992b) on the basis of its type species, N. fosliei, but many of the specific and infraspecific taxa currently assigned to this genus probably will prove to belong to Spongites (see Woelkerling, 1985: 150; Woelkerling & Penrose, 1988: 155, 157).

Neogoniolithon accretum (Foslie & Howe) Setchell & Mason

Goniolithon accretum Foslie & Howe, 1906: 131–132, pl. 85: fig. 2; pl. 91 (type locality: Sand Key, Florida, U.S.A.).

Neogoniolithon accretum (Foslie & Howe) Setchell & Mason, 1943a: 90.—Isaac, 1971: 17.— Lawson, 1980: 57.


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