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Lithophyllum Philippi

* Lithophyllum acrocamptum Heydrich

Lithophyllum acrocamptum Heydrich, 1902: 474–475 (type locality: near Fort-Dauphin [Taolanaro], Madagascar).—Svedelius, 1906b: 189.— Schröder, 1912: 302.— Adey & Lebednik, 1967: 20.— Lawson, 1980: 55.

Taxonomic synonym:

* Lithophyllum incrustans Philippi forma incrassatum Foslie, 1900a: 28 (forma `lobata'), 29 (forma `incrassata') (type locality: mouth of Kowie River, Port Alfred, Cape Province, South Africa).—Lemoine, 1911: 127.— Woelkerling, 1993: 124.

Lithophyllum incrassatum (Foslie) Foslie, 1909: 18–20.—De Toni, 1924: 670.— Foslie, 1929: 35, pl. LVII: figs. 13–16.— Børgesen, 1943: 16.— Baissac, Lubet, & Michel, 1962: 269.— Adey & Lebednik, 1967: 21.

Lithothamnion incrassatum (Foslie) Jadin, 1935: 171.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Sri Lanka.

Note: Foslie (1900a: 28, 29) applied alternative names, forma lobatum and forma incrassatum, to a South African variant of Lithophyllum incrustans. He later (1909: 18, footnote) stated that incrassatum was the correct epithet. The binomial Lithophyllum acrocamptum was listed in a paper by Hariot (1902: 472) published simultaneously with Heydrich's description. The conspecificity of L. acrocamptum and L. incrustans forma incrassatum was proposed by Foslie (1909: 18–19; 1929: expl. pl. LVII: figs. 13–16), who, however, incorrectly assumed that the epithet incrassatum had priority. In the rank of species, incrassatum has priority only as of 1909.

Addendum: This species (as Lithophyllum incrassatum) was recorded from South Africa and described in detail by Chamberlain (1996: 205--209, figs. 1--22).

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