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Arthrocardia Decaisne

Arthrocardia anceps (Yendo) Johansen

Corallina anceps Kützing, 1843b: 388, nom. illeg. (type locality: "Cap?'' [Cape of Good Hope, South Africa]).

Cheilosporum anceps Yendo, 1902a: 18.

Arthrocardia anceps (Yendo) Johansen in Seagrief, 1984: 2, 5.—Lambert & Steinke, 1986a: 54.— Lambert & Steinke, 1986b: 203, 211, 215.


Note: Corallina anceps Kützing is not priorable since it is a later homonym of C. anceps Lamarck (1815: 238) (Amphiroa anceps (Lamarck) Decaisne (q.v.)). Cheilosporum anceps Yendo is treated as a nomen novum in accordance with Art. 58.3.

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