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Gloiophloea J. Agardh

* Gloiophloea articulata Weber-van Bosse

Gloiophloea (?) articulata Weber-van Bosse, 1913b: 112, pl. 12: fig. 1, pl. 14: figs. 26, 27 (type locality: Cargados Carajos).—Setchell, 1914: 119.— Weber-van Bosse, 1914: 276, pl. 16: fig. 1, pl. 18: figs. 26, 27.— De Toni, 1924: 107–108.— Mazza, 1926: 1938–1939.— Huisman, 1987: 170–171, figs. 7, 8.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Cargados Carajos, Madagascar.

Note: In the opinion of Setchell (l.c.), this species probably represents an undescribed genus near Chaetangium [i.e. Nothogenia]. Huisman (l.c.), after re-examining the type collection (all sterile plants), concluded that this species appeared more closely allied to the Gymnophloeaceae, in particular Nemastoma, than to the Galaxauraceae, despite the sharing of several characters with Gloiophloea scinaioides J. Agardh (1872: 29; type locality: Western Port, Victoria, Australia fide Huisman, 1987: 168), the type of the generic name. According to Huisman (l.c.), the latter species is known only as far west as Eucla on the south coast of Australia.

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