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Anabaina Bory de Saint-Vincent

Note: This generic name is usually spelled Anabaena, an orthographic variant used by Bornet & Flahault (1888 [1886–1888]: 224) and conserved against Anabaena A. Jussieu 1824 in the Euphorbiaceae.

* Anabaina ambigua C.B. Rao

Anabaina ambigua C.B. Rao, 1937a: 101–107, figs. 1, 2 (`Anabaena') (type locality: Benares [Varanasi], India).—N. Anand et al., 1986: 54, fig. 25.


Note: Drouet (1978: 177), on the basis of the original description, assigned this species to Anabaina oscillarioides Bory de Saint-Vincent.

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