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Symploca laeteviridis Gomont

Symploca laeteviridis Gomont, 1892b: 109, pl. 2: figs. 6–8 (`laete-viridis') (type locality: Key West, Florida, U.S.A.).—Logan, Hoffman, & Gebelein, 1974: 146, 147, 194.— Hoffman, 1976: fig. 3.— Whitton & Potts, 1982: 527.— Capon et al., 1983: 1182.— Ghisalberti & Jefferies, 1990: 100, table 4.


Note: Drouet (1968: 111, 118), after examining the holotype of this species (in PC), assigned it to Schizothrix arenaria (Berkeley) Gomont.

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