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Phormidium submembranaceum (Ardissone & Strafforello) Gomont

Oscillaria submembranacea Ardissone & Strafforello, 1877: 65 (type locality: Porto Maurizio, Liguria, Italy).

Phormidium submembranaceum (Ardissone & Strafforello) Gomont, 1892b: 180.—Biswas, 1932: 187–188, pl. 28: fig. 3.— Biswas, 1949b: 21.

Oscillatoria submembranacea (Ardissone & Strafforello) Drouet, 1968: 230 (including Indian Ocean records on pp. 203–212, figs. 62–64).—Isaac, 1971: 2.— J. Price, 1971: 168.— Hackett, 1977: 12.— Lawson, 1980: 19.— N. Anand & Venkatesan, 1985: 102, fig. 10.

INDIAN OCEAN DISTRIBUTION: Aldabra Islands, India, Kenya, Maldives, Réunion.

Note: Among numerous taxonomic synonyms cited by Drouet (1968) are Lyngbya plana Dickie, Symploca atlantica Gomont, and Phormidium penicillatum Gomont, which are listed separately in this catalogue, the latter as Lyngbya penicilliformis P. Silva.

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